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May 2017

We’ve just returned from Virginia Beach, where the weather was beautiful!  (I don’t think anyone actually went in the water, but it was tempting!)  Our seats for the NATO Parade celebrating 100 years after America’s entering WWI were great – on sidewalk, near the beginning of the parade, close to the exhibits and the Mac Arthur Museum.  The Tattoo is the most amazing exhibition – marching bands and skilled demonstrations coordinated to move smoothly from one to the other for over 2 hours!

We have a share for Mama Mia!  I’ll let you know the departure time.

Rocking Horse Resort still has room. Come travel and get away to a place where everything provided on site – entertainment, indoor and outdoor activities, food.

Sorry, but I neglected to change the date for 9/11 etc. on the Newsletter when the company sent new flyers.  You will now see the correct date.

Don’t forget your meal choice for Saint Clements Castle.

(It is possible that I will not be attending the June Senior meeting)

Payment due-

Saint Clements Castle   Tall Ships      Rocking Horse Resort  Dep.

A-Y-C-E June 8                            Steam Boatin’ Final June 23 (to Ship Shop)

Remember, just give a call if you’d like more information or a flyer. Please call as soon as possible when you cannot make a trip-numbers are important for planning.

Please make checks payable to – Canterbury Senior Trips

 Joanne Sheridan 505 Brooklyn Rd., Canterbury, CT. 06331
(860) 546-9830 Cell (860) 303-1271 OR search for Canterbury Senior Travel
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