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October 2016

Fall is in the air!  Just returned from Mackinac Island-ever been some where you never wanted to leave?  This is it!  Our tour of Chicago showed us what a beautiful city it is and I couldn’t believe the beauty of “The Bean”!  Ask John or Deb to see their photos.

A Steamboat cruise is planned for 2017 and we will be privileged to view a PRESENTATION on October 13th, at 12:30.  Enjoy learning about how special  a steamboat cruise is.  Space is limited, so sign up as soon as possible!

 As you know steamboats are smaller and have fewer cabins.  Many of the cruises have sold out-so if you are interested you would want to sign up ASAP!  (The steamboat company does not set aside cabins-they are sold on a first come basis) 

Payment due-

Fireplace Feast 10/13   Newport Playhouse  11/10

 (Trip insurance is available for all trips)  

Remember, just give a call if you’d like more information or a flyer. Please call as soon as possible when you cannot make a trip-numbers are important for planning.

Please make checks payable to – Canterbury Senior Trips

 Joanne Sheridan 505 Brooklyn Rd., Canterbury, CT. 06331
(860) 546-9830 Cell (860) 303-1271 OR search for Canterbury Senior Travel
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