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September 2017

Is it already September?  Where did the summer go?!

We had a very pleasant cruise on Webster Lake-beautiful day!  And a great lunch at The  Lodge Restaurant,  after I almost had a heart attack because the doors were locked when we arrived!  They don’t open until 3:00 and we were early.

The Hu Ke Lau’s Neil Diamond tribute was very good.  Mike’s (Travel Group) daughter, Molly, was introduced to us as she demonstrated her musical talent. The prime rib was the way I like it and I think the lobster people  also enjoyed their meal.  Maybe we’ll go next year, the date is right after our Lancaster trip, so I have to think about it, what do you think?  Remember I do appreciate your ideas and if someone would like to do the  2018 Mystery Trip-see me.

I’m still looking through the 2018 offerings, so if there is something you’d like, see me! until it’s full!

I will not see you at the October meeting.


Payment due-  Newport Playhouse  10/5    Nashville Final  9/22 

Steam Boatin’ Fill in your boarding information & send to Ship Shop

Remember, just give a call if you’d like more information or a flyer. Please call as soon as possible when you cannot make a trip-numbers are important for planning.

Please make checks payable to – Canterbury Senior Trips

 Joanne Sheridan 505 Brooklyn Rd., Canterbury, CT. 06331
(860) 546-9830 Cell (860) 303-1271 OR search for Canterbury Senior Travel
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